Business Communications Solutions

Get More Done and Pay Less

Business Communications Solutions

Get More Done and Pay Less

20th Century Communications Can’t Cut It

  • Single channel communications
  • Lack of scalability
  • No advanced features
  • Need to provide physical space for system
  • Line needed for each phone
  • Long distance call charges
  • Cumbersome call forwarding
  • Team members spend hours doing things that could take minutes or seconds
  • You pay more than is necessary

Upgrade to Save Time and Money

Prodigy installs and supports both VoIP and PBX phone systems. You choose the business communications solution that best fits your needs.


Flexible multi-channel communications


Scales easily


Advanced features like click-to-call dialing, video conferencing and more


No physical space required for some systems


Can use more phones than lines


No long distance charges


Easy to use call forwarding


Team members become more productive when communications are more efficient


Total costs for business communications solutions reduced

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VoIP Phone Service

Small businesses profit from

net-based phone service.

PBX Phone System

Prioritize communication among team members.

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