Cloud Managed Services

IT’s Always Sunnier Working with the Cloud

Cloud Managed Services

IT’s Always Sunnier Working with the Cloud

Don’t Let Self-Hosted Software Rain on Your Small Business

  • Software updates must be performed on each individual computer
  • Server capabilities are limited by what hardware you can afford to buy 
  • Access to important files may be limited 
  • Servers take up physical space that growing businesses need
  • Loading all the software a new team member will need consumes hours 
  • Replacing an application requires working on everyone’s computer
  • Cyber attacks on servers can devastate your business
  • Physical disasters – fires, floods and more – can destroy your servers
  • Upfront hardware costs deplete liquid assets or increase debt

Turn Wasted Time into Productive Time

Operations improve when you choose Prodigy to provide cloud managed services.


Software updates are made in the cloud and are available to everyone


You gain the advantage of enterprise-level servers hosting your software


Important files are available 24/7 to team members with cloud permissions


Space formerly taken by your servers becomes available for other uses


Preparing to onboard new team members takes minutes instead of hours


Applications are replaced in the cloud instead of on everyone’s computers


Security is provided by teams dedicated to that task


Backups on servers in different locations mitigate the impact of disasters


You pay only for shared use of hardware, not the hardware itself

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Data Backup &
Disaster Recovery

Keep data safe and

reduce downtime.

Data Center

Use your servers or rent

space on a server.

Network Design & Installation

Own your servers? Design and cabling matter.

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