Managed IT Services

Manage Your Business, Let Prodigy Manage IT

Managed IT Services

Manage Your Business, Let Prodigy Manage IT

Managing Your Own IT is Like Representing Yourself in Court

  • Critical maintenance is put off for special projects
  • System monitoring is haphazard (if it happens at all)
  • System vulnerabilities aren’t patched until months after the patches are released
  • When something breaks, a tech has to be taken off another assignment to fix it
  • Team members prioritize doing the things they do best or prefer to do
  • Tech initiatives that could drive growth and productivity are not completed
  • The technology that supports your business becomes an expense, rather than an asset
  • Unanticipated expenses keep you from hitting your financial goals
  • IT issues distract you from running your business

IT Doesn’t Have to Be That Way

Here’s what happens when you choose Prodigy to provide managed IT services.


Maintenance is performed according to schedule


Systems are monitored 24/7/365 (366 on leap year)


Vulnerabilities are patched as soon as patches are available


When something breaks, we fix it


Priorities are aligned with your business goals


Your internal team is free to undertake initiatives that drive growth and productivity


IT is recognized as an asset - the structural foundation of your business


A fixed monthly fee reduces unanticipated expenses


You stay focused on your business, while Prodigy manages IT

Take a Closer Look at Prodigy’s Managed IT Services

Server & Network

Maximize uptime and productivity.

IT Support

We can handle much of what we

do remotely.

IT Helpdesk

Your team members get support

when they need it.

IT Consulting

For IT that works well today and

better tomorrow.

Repair &

Keep technology working. When something

does break, we fix it.

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