Managed Security Services

Better to Be Secure than Lucky

Managed Security Services

Better to Be Secure than Lucky

Here’s What Happens When Your Luck Runs Out

  • Overworked IT managers delay security maintenance to work on prioritized projects
  • Unapplied patches leave server vulnerabilities wide open
  • Old software versions in need of update are prime targets for cyber attack
  • Responses to after-hours security events are delayed
  • Unauthorized users gain access to the server
  • The Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilized to work remotely is not secure
  • Antivirus/antimalware software doesn’t identify all threats, leaving you inadequately protected
  • Email encryption has been set up incorrectly or is not in use at all
  • Due to security risks, potential regulatory compliance failure is very real

Be Secure with Prodigy

58 percent of all cyber attacks target small businesses. 20 percent of them don’t recover from a major attack. Prodigy helps you stay safe and secure.


We handle security, so your IT Manager can work on prioritized projects


Patches are applied on release, so known vulnerabilities are sealed


Old software versions are updated to current versions, reducing cyber targets


Remote monitoring and management software enables immediate response to security events


User authentication and network firewall security keep unauthorized users out of your server


Your VPN is always secure, operational and easy to use


Prodigy takes a multi-layered approach to identifying and defeating all malware threats


Properly configured email encryption keeps prying eyes out of your email


Security assessments will prove you are in compliance

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