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8x8 Work

Your all-in-one app for phone, video, chat and more

No matter how large or small your team is, or whether they operate across several locations or in different countries, getting everyone to work together is an undeniable challenge.

Streamlining your business communications can help you transform your organisation and empower your employees to work smarter, faster and more efficiently.

8×8 Work is a cloud-based app that brings together voice communications, video meetings, and team messaging on your desktop PC or smartphone.

Use 8×8 Work to bring integrated communication and collaboration experiences securely to every employee, with the convenience to do more from anywhere on any device, building relationships and inspiring customer trust.

Create a networked organization without silos and gain data insights across multi-modal communications to make routine decisions seamless.

With 8×8 Work, manage and scale your business communications from a single administration interface that simplifies user provisioning and management.

Give your users the best voice and video quality so they can connect and communicate with co-workers, customers and suppliers with full confidence.

Built on an open cloud communications technology platform, 8×8 Work integrates with today’s leading business applications, providing a consistent unified experience that today’s modern workplace culture demands.


  • Enterprise-grade cloud PBX with unlimited calling, multi-level auto-attendant, flexible call flows, and global coverage
  • Easy administration with a single administrative interface for user provisioning, system configuration, and management
  • Simplified call management to distribute incoming calls efficiently, facilitate customer conversations and improve employee productivity
  • Powerful analytics with performance and usage dashboards, plus reporting options for valuable insights and sentiments
  • All-in-one app (for desktop and mobile devices) with voice, video, chat and fax to keep employees productive in the office or on the go


  • Integrated business communications. Eliminate switching between multiple applications.
  • One-click experience. Unify phone calls, video meetings, and team messaging for a seamless collaboration experience.
  • A digital workspace. Empower your employees to stay efficient and productive regardless of the location or the devices they use to stay connected.
  • Real-time visibility. Get actionable business insights using 8×8’s built-in analytics that captures historical and real-time data from all customer communication interactions.
  • Greater flexibility. Flip calls seamlessly from your desk phone to your desktop or mobile app.

Get Started with 8×8 Work

Take your office with you. Download 8×8 Work for your PC/Mac/iOS/Android devices.

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